Cycle Oregon Video + Photo Album

This year’s Cycle Oregon, the Magnificent Seven, afforded riders from around the world striking views of seven mountain peaks while traversing challenging-but-rewarding courses over seven days of riding the Oregon countryside.

The ride began in The Dalles.
Day 1 – Glenwood, Washington
Day 2 – Dufur
Day 3 – Tygh Valley
Day 4 – Madras
Day 5 – Madras rest day with an optional loop ride to Smith Rock
Day 6 – Tygh Valley
Day 7 – Finish line in The Dalles

Each day’s ride had a different tenor and hue, be it the intensity of sustained climbs, broad high top views, the aurora borealis glowing in the Madras night sky or forested gravel adventures.

Nightly entertainment gave riders a chance to relax and unwind as they prepped to do it all over again the next day.

Riders ventured into Washington, then back to Oregon. They braved strong wind storms in Madras that left many wind burned and exhausted from pedaling down descents along some 20 miles of headwind and a windy camp that offered no relief from intense gusts. They rode days with 6,700 feet of elevation gain followed by 6,200 feet of elevation gain. They conquered a 14% grade climb that challenged even the strongest of riders. And all of it was totally worth it.

Photo Album

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Cycle Oregon 2014 – Raucous Closing Party by Filmed by Bike.

Cycle Oregon 2014 – GORGEous views by Filmed by Bike.

Cycle Oregon 2014 – Culver Rest Stop by Filmed by Bike.

Cycle Oregon 2014 – A Dufur Welcome by Filmed by Bike.

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  1. This was my third Cycle Oregon, and by far the most fun in camp. I wasn’t as blown away by the routes, but I can forgive that portion because my overall experience was great. I really liked the friendliness of other riders and the energy was surprisingly high even though we were all so beat at the end of the day. I climbed more than I knew I could – and that was really cool. I felt strong. I was strong. So were all those other riders. Impressive, y’all, really impressive.

  2. Wish I could have gone this year. Work got in the way. Lame excuse. That’s kind of a party right there, I’d say.

  3. Had a great time at the 27th C.O.! Wish it had been a bit harder:) Please bring back pizzicato! Just wasn’t the same without them.

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