#KeepRiding: Jonathan Maus, BikePortland

Stay warm and dry on your bike, all winter long

Look good, feel good. The #KeepRiding project has all the resources you need to stay warm and dry on your bike, all winter long.

Join us as we navigate through the winter on two wheels. We’re bringing you a series of videos, photo shoots and wisdom to keep you cozy, stylish and happy through the winter.

In this installment, hosts Meghan Sinnott and Ayleen Crotty sit down for beers with Jonathan Maus from the popular website Bike Portland. Learn how Jonathan rides all winter long, rain or shine, without looking like an overly geared-up biker.

Presented by Nutcase Helmets, ORbike and Filmed by Bike.

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How Do You Love Winter on a Bike?

What are your tips and tricks for staying warm and dry on your bike all winter long? Share your ideas below. The #KeepRiding Lounge is the place to hang out and watch videos, check out cool photo shoots, share your ideas and read new articles. Follow the hash tag #KeepRiding on Twitter and Instagram for photos and wisdom from riders all over the world.

21 thoughts on “#KeepRiding: Jonathan Maus, BikePortland”

  1. I stopped watching when they rode the wrong way – right over a sharrow pointing in the opposite direction. 🙁

    1. Seriously, that’s your takeaway from this? That street is not a one-way street. You gave up some few seconds into the piece. Quitters never win!

  2. Jonathan is absolutely correct, cycling in the winter is common sense – layering with thin practical types of outerwear and using practical rainwear to keep the wetness external. For commuting, there’s no need to wear cycling duds as everyday gear!

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