Pedalpalooza Picks!

Pedalpalooza is in full swing with as many as 25 events in a single day, and more events constantly being added. The festival can seem a little overwhelming, but we’ve made it easy with our Top Picks List below. ORbike has been at Pedaloalooza since the very first year (2002) and we absolutely love this summertime festival of wackiness on two wheels.

For a little background reading and preparation, read through the ORbike Guide to Pedalpalooza which will help you make the most of your time on two wheels with strangers (that’s what it’s all about!).

You’ve got until June 28th to make it out to some events, so start planning now and dive into the fun.

Top Picks

Bikes+Books – June 25, 6:30pm >>
A literary event with a bar. 10 local authors will read from their bike-themed books. Food cart, full bar, photo booth, book signings, book sales and more.

SE Small Manufacturing Tour – June 14, 2pm >>
Join a group of makers on a leisurely ~10 mile tour throughout SE (and a slight duck into NE) on a guided tour of four small manufacturing studios using different materials like clay, wood, leather and fabric to create products.

Rose City Pinball Ride – June 22, 3pm >>
Join the Project 529 crew on a pinball tour of PDX.

Let’s Make a Movie – June 22, 6:30pm >>
OHMYGODWELOVETHISIDEA. Ride your bike and be in a movie. The movie will be later shared online, and hopefully it will make the cut for the 2015 Filmed by Bike.

Dream of the 1890’s – June 24, 5:45pm >>
A historic tour of Portland. Period attire encouraged. Ride-goers will be given a souvenir Tour Booklet featuring stories and historical photos from early Portland.

Ginger Ride – June 26, 6:30pm >>
This is one of the most wildly popular events, now it its 6th year. You don’t have to be a redhead to ride, but if you’re not a natural a wig is encouraged.

Run-D.M.C. vs. Beastie Boys – June 27, 8pm >>
Battle rides are all the rage during Pedalpalooza (Bowie vs. Prince, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings) and this is one of the best because no matter which team you’re on, you’ve got good taste.

Northwest Trail Alliance Ride to Your Ride – June 28, 2pm >>
Join the Northwest Trail Alliance for a trail ride from your front door. That’s right, ride your mountain bike to where you ride your mountain bike. Ride meets at 2pm at Cartlandia for a ride at Powell Butte.


Eat and Ride

Remember: cash is king at Pedalpalooza rides and tip your servers well – they’re dealing with an onslaught of crazy bikers all at once

Woodlawn Breakfast Club  – June 13, 7-9am >>
The Holman Pocket Park in the Woodlawn neighborhood is a tiny space with big activity, including a through-way for bikers. Team Woodlawn and Filmed by Bike are hosting a morning coffee.

Pie Time – June 13, 2pm >>
Ride bikes eat pie? YES!

Downtown Food Carts – June 16, 11:30am >>
Lunchtime downtown. Eat, share, explore. Swing by on your lunch break or cruise around on the full three-hour ride.

Forbidden Donut Ride – June 22, 9am >>
From the ride description: “Some people say Sunday mornings were made for Jesus. We think they were made for donuts.” Enough said.

Community Orchards – June 22, 12:30pm >>
Ride to two community-managed urban orchards that are growing fruit that is free for anyone to harvest.


Tykes on Bikes

Twins and Multiples Ride – June 15, 1:30pm >>
Start seeing double.

Cargo Bikes to Cakes – June 16, 6pm >>
Bring along the kiddos for this tasty ride.

Lumberyard 2nd Anniversary Party – June 21, 10am >>
The indoor mt. bike park and riding area is fun for all ages. And there’s a bar.

Pedalkidicalmassapalooza Ice Cream Ride – June 21, 1pm >>
Kidical Mass rides every month, and always hosts a special edition of the ultra family-friendly ride during Pedalpalooza. If you are new to biking with your kids, Kidical Mass is the perfect opportunity to meet other biking parents, ask questions and get tips. It’s a very supportive, welcoming group. We highly recommend this ride!

Northwest Trail Alliance Family Mt. Bike Night and Camp – June 28, 6pm >>
Bonfire, campout, family friend, mt. bikes. What a way to spend a summer night!


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Check out the entire list of Pedalpalooza events here >>

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  1. I can’t believe how many events happen. A lot of them are not my style, but I like your selections above. I’m trying to make it out to a few things this year.

  2. YES – I love these events. I want to go to all of them. I know for sure I’m going to be at the donut ride because, to be honest, I really love donuts so much. And I live in Woodlawn so I plan to stop by their event tomorrow.

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