Tour de Fronds

If you’re a regular hundo rider, someone who loves those all day 100, 75, 60 milers, chances are good you’ve seen a lot of Oregon from the (mostly) comfy vantage point of your saddle. But have you ever been down to the southwestern town of Powers, Oregon, where the trees are lush and the foliage cascades into the road?

The Tour de Fronds is one of the most beautiful cycling events in Oregon. The Tour offers a choice of scenic rides on low-traffic roads in Southern Oregon’s beautiful Coast Range. From your saddle enjoy views of old-growth forests, wildflowers, waterfalls, rivers, streams, and mountain vistas. Seven rides are available from 30 to 102 miles long with different climbing and grade challenges.

The Tour de Fronds transverses Oregon’s premier Glendale/Powers Bicycle Recreation Area, a project of USDA Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

Ride Basics

June 21
Powers, Oregon
Routes from 30-102 miles.

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10 thoughts on “Tour de Fronds”

  1. I have heard REALLY good things about this ride from friends who live down in that area. I can’t make it this year (work obligations – yech) but YOU should go!

    1. Sorry you can not join us this year because of work. Put us on you 2015 calendar! A cycling adventure well- worth the drive to this part of the state!

  2. This looks amazing. I’ve never been there and didn’t know there was a ride there.

    1. It IS an amazing ride….a beautiful area in which to ride with supported rest stops along the way. The Tour de Fronds committee has been hard at work getting ready for this event…one not to be missed! Come join us for a great day in the Great Outdoors!

  3. Christine Kress

    THANKYOU! My brother and I were looking to do more riding this year and he lives down there. We were hoping there might be a ride that’s close to him because otherwise I always force him to come up to Portland 🙂 and he’s getting a little sick of me always taking the easy way out. So I came here to see and now I know about Tour De Fronds. If he can get the day off work, we’re going to sign up.

    1. Fair warning, once you’ve ridden the Tour de Fronds you may just forget about PDX, furniture, and loved ones and say hello to relocation.

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