Willamette Gran Fondo

It’s springtime, which means no more sitting on the couch aimlessly watching shows and complaining about the weather. Across the state the skies are clearing up (at least for pockets of time) and it’s time to get yourself summertime ready.

How will you rock this summer?

Will this be the summer you sat on your arse and drank IPA all day long, or the summer you rode long and hard, then sat on your arse and drank IPA all night long? Get your summer started off right with the Willamette Gran Fondo, an awesome early season timed race on May 3.

About the Route

Riders from all over the state will flock to the tiny town of Philomath for this popular race that’s well known for it’s gorgeous course and solid support. But the organizers have plans to take the ride to a new area next year, so get your rubber on these roads for one last fondo spin while you can.

The Gran Route is not for the faint of heart, with 6,800 ft of climbing and several sustained climbs, but the race is fully supported so you’ll have a little help o keep you fueled along the way. No one to pedal for you, though, that’s up to your legs (and your mind). Get ready to grind, but at least it’s going to be a beautiful one. The ride boasts plenty of opportunity stay cool in the forest canopies and take in striking vistas along the route

If the Gran Route sounds a bit daunting for your current state, take on the Medio Route which is just under 62 miles and only 3,800 ft of climbing.

Why Race a Fondo?

Check out our recent article, What the F is a Fondo, to learn more.

Watch the Video

Race Basics

Saturday, May 3
Philomath, Oregon (near Corvallis)
100 or 55 miles

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