Conquering the Bike Commute Challenge

So, you’ve signed up for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Bike Commute Challenge – now what?

If you’re not already a daily bike commuter, the pressure is on to help your team come out on top. But even though the weather has been fantastic this summer, it’s not always easy to get on your bike every morning. Busy schedules and a general reliance on the car can easily steer you in the wrong direction.

We’re here to help.

1. Just Say Yes

You were going to bike in, but you woke up late. You forgot you need to go to the grocery after work….

Just say yes to biking. Alter something else. Can you be five minutes late? Can you skip your coffee at home and have it at work or on the bike instead? Make an adjustment today because otherwise you’re going to start coming up with excuses all the time. Don’t start slipping.

2. Tell People You’re Biking In

There’s an accountability in making your plans public. And accountability is something we could all probably use a little more of these days, what with the way so many of us cancel plans on a whim via text. Declare your next day’s ride to your coworkers. Post on Facebook that you plan to ride every day next week. Tell your spouse, riding buddy or a friend. Make it known, and stick with it.

3. Set Out Your Gear

Oh sleepy morning you, getting ready so early is rough. So go easy on the little fella and get your gear ready the night before. Pack your work bag, gather your riding essentials, check the weather and set out your clothing.

4. Find a Riding Buddy

Especially if you’ve got a long ride in, having a buddy can make the ride more pleasant, and help ensure you stick with the riding plan. Ask around on your team – you just might find that someone in your office lives hear by or is on your route to work.

5. Reward Yourself

You were going to bike in, but you woke up late. You forgot you need to go to the grocery after work. But you did it! You said YES and biked in anyway. Now you find yourself at the grocery checking off all the sensible items on your list. Make sure you swing by the pastry case or through the beer aisle and pick up a treat for when you get home. You’ve earned it.

Meet a friend (or make a new one) at the local watering hole that’s on your way home. A quick beer stop is always a nice way to round out the day.

What Are Your Tips and Tricks?

How do you motivate yourself to commute to work? Share your ideas below.

3 thoughts on “Conquering the Bike Commute Challenge”

  1. use the website! check out your stats, see how many calories you’ve burned, how much co2 you’ve prevented or challenge your friends! get your workplace to use the bike tracking tool all year long! it’s great to see whole year of biking metrics!

  2. I agree with armando that the site is good and with you that a treat is nice. some days that is what gets me through it. rewards aren’t just for kids!

  3. I have a paper calendar where I write down when I bike to work and back. It’s good feedback – at a glance I can see how many times in one month I biked.

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